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At Drop Ceiling Guys we have experts who can finish your drop ceiling job within a single day. We know that transforming your home is a top priority for you and we would like to do it within your timeline. We will come up with an efficient and thoughtful work plan on how to transform your home. Our number one priority is in your satisfaction.


We are the leaders in the industry

At Drop Ceiling Guys we are the leaders in drop ceiling installation both for residential and commercial properties. With many years of experience and having installed thousands of square feet of drop ceilings, it means that there are no surprises for us. It doesn’t matter whether you need a custom-designed acoustical ceiling or the standard drop ceiling grid system; our experts have the qualifications and experience to meet your needs.


Wide range of products

At Drop Ceiling Guys we can help you transform your home into your dream home while enjoying the difference that a ceiling can make. The good thing is that you can make a breathtaking change to your home at an affordable price. With Drop Ceiling Guys we have a wide selection of suspended ceiling tiles, louvers, cornice and may more products to meet your need.

No matter your drop ceiling needs, you can contact us on 888-539-0008.

Change your home in a single step

We Drop Ceiling Guys can convert your basement form a storage space into a living space. We have expert staffs that are prepared to handle your drop ceiling job within the shortest time possible. We have installed drop ceiling in various spaces such as home offices, home theaters, game rooms, home offices, guest bedroom and more. Just allow us to turn your basement into your idea space and you will surely enjoy.

You can be assured that the quote you get from us will be honest and reasonable. It doesn’t matter whether you want customized ceiling drops. Our business is to professionally install drop ceiling. If you have no idea where to start, you can contact us and we will help you choose an idea that will be best suited for your space. You do not have to allow your mind to limit your imagination of the perfect drop ceiling for your space. If you are looking to install suspended ceiling and save money, we can do it for you at a fair price.

Commercial drop ceiling installation

Just like homeowners, companies have to budget for money to transform their space. If they are to ensure profitability, they need to remain within their cost margins. At Drop Ceiling Guys we have installation experts who will not only offer you an affordable quote but will also meet your desired look. Where necessary, we can provide a price quote that encompasses all steps of the installation process including the HVAC grills and the lighting fixtures. We have drop ceiling tiles that range from the basic to the high-end and anything in between. Therefore, we will find something that will leave your employees and customers impressed. We also know downtime can affect your profitability and therefore we try as much as we can not to disrupt your business. You can contact us on 888-539-0008 for all your drop ceiling needs.

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